What can SWANStor do for me?

You will have access to applications and data on your corporate no matter where you are, using your smartphone, tablet, and many other devices.

SWANStor is a secure remote access platform that provides all the security functions you expect in order to access internal corporate services.


Users won't need to worry about changing network settings or other network knowledge. Simply integrate SWANStor into your existing network structure to create a secure remote access environment in no time.

SWANStor is highly versatile - it's designed to work with a wide variety of devices and applications.
More than 28,000 copies have been delivered to over 700 enterprises since it was launched 15 years ago.

28,000 copies sold / 700 enterprises serviced

SWANStor provides a simple, secure remote access environment for the real world.
SWANStor creates the working environment you need.

SWANStor Structure

Because you're accessing your corporate network via the shared SWANStor gateway operated by AreaBe Japan, there's no need to change your internal settings when introducing SWANStor to your corporate network.



SWANStor has a number of features that make it a truly unique remote access environment.

Introducing a new remote access environment always creates the potential for problems to crop up.
SWANStor is there to help beleaguered CIOs!

  • Easy to implement, Simple to operate

    Great for teams that might not have the knowledge or manpower to set up a more complicated system.

  • Extensive Security Options

    Easy implementation, as well as reliable security is essential.

  • Highly Versatile

    Modern business demands that software work across devices, applications, and systems.

Feature 1: Easy to implement, simple to operate

You don't need any complicated network knowledge to get our system up and running. Creating a remote access environment is a breeze with SWANStor.

In addition, all of your valuable data, such as user authentication information, login information, and access control information, remains protected behind your company's firewall, so the system is uniquely secure.

None of your information exists on an Internet shared relay server; AreaBe offers live monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you have to do is set up a SWANStor server in your internal network environment in order to create a perpetual remote access environment.

SWANStor(Maintains Firewall Protection) Other Systems(Removes Firewall Protection)

Feature 2: Extensive security options

Naturally, you have to consider an authentication method before you introduce a remote access system.

But this can mean more than just a username and password, or a specific person or terminal. Every company has its own philosophy or policy on what works best for them. Rather than deciding for them, we give them the tools to decide for themselves.

Security options can be added as needed!

SWANStor provides a wide range of authentication options - for example, terminal authentication and one-time passwords - which can be combined to meet your specific needs. We're also prepared to discuss your needs and offer the options necessary to best meet those needs.

Security Options >

Feature 3: Highly versatile

SWANStor isn't tied to any one application, device, or carrier. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can use any number of web or client server apps with our remote access system.

SWANStor is available on smartphones and other mobile phones, as well as tablets and other cutting-edge devices, keeping the system up to date with the latest business trends and transformations.

Access an array of apps with a wide range of devices!


  • Access Control

    Access Control

    Access to internal resources and applications can be limited according to user or group.

  • Session Time-Out

    Session Time-Out

    The administrator can set how long to wait before an inactive user is automatically logged out.

  • Single Login

    Single Login

    You can log in to a destination application immediately after logging in to SWANStor.

  • Password Lockout

    Password Lockout

    Users who fail a login attempt a certain number of times can be locked out or prohibited from using SWANStor.

  • Log Management

    Log Management

    Record access logs (access time, accessing user), management logs (setting history), system logs (warnings), and more.

  • Live Monitoring & Notification

    Live Monitoring & Notification

    The health of the system can be constantly monitored, and the system administrator can be notified of any errors or problems detected.

  • Batch Registration

    Batch Registration

    Import and export batches of system setting information, such as user information.

Product Comparison

What makes SWANStor different?
Let's take a look at versatility and ease of use!

Product Name Major VPN Major SSL-VPN Company A's Product Company B's Product SWANStor

Not Required Not Required Not Required
Access Method
Network driver
Versatile browser
Dedicated browser
Remote desktop access Versatile browser
Not Required Not Required Not Required
Not Required
Versatility High High
Limited apps
High High
Usability Good Good Good
Doesn't support smartphones
Only available on non-smartphones
Not available

Not available
Not available
Security Options



Product Comparison

As you can see, SWANStor has many advantages compared to other corporate solutions. First of all, it does not require you to set up an additional firewall.

Further, SWANStor can be integrated without compromising your company's existing firewall. In addition, all information required for remote access, such as user authentication information, access management information, and logs, is stored securely on a local area network, completely protected from outside intrusion.

Secure access by SWANStore

Other methods which bypass your firewall may allow outside access to your authentication information, creating security risks. Implementing the procedures necessary to protect against this risk can require significant money and time.

High security risk

With our software, all complicated Internet gateway services are controlled and monitored by AreaBe Japan 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you have to do to maintain a secure remote access environment is install a SWANStor server on your internal system and protect it with your existing firewall.

Security Options

System Requirements

Server Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.*/6.*/7.* (32bit/64bit)
CentOS 5.*/6.*/7.* (32bit/64bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x* and CentOS 7.x* operate very differently from their predecessors. If you would like to use SWANStor with either of these systems, please contact our support staff.

*SWANStor functions as a 32-bit program even on 64-bit operating systems.

Server HDD Free space of at least 100 MB
Server CPU / Memory 2.0 GHz / 4 GB or higher (Intel or Intel-compatible CPU)
Client Operating System Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1
Mobile phone / smart device Standard Docomo/AU/SoftBank browsers, iOS 4.1 or later, Android 2.3.3 or later

*For SWANStor gateway operational requirements, please contact us.

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